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Non-Immigrants Visas

Nonimmigrants are foreign nationals who seek temporary entry to the U.S. for a limited period of time and for a specific purpose. The duration and purpose are determined by the type of nonimmigrant visa.

Immigrant Visa vs. Non-immigrant Visa
A visa is a document that allows someone to be in the U.S. There are two types of visas: immigrant and non-immigrant. Immigrant Visas are for those who permanently live and work in the U.S. Non-immigrant visas provide temporary permission for someone to come to the U.S. for a limited time and particular purpose.

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H-1B Visa for Skilled Workers

The H-1B nonimmigrant visa is available for skilled workers who wish to work in the U.S. for U.S.-based companies in industries such as IT, engineering, medicine, accounting, math, and more. 

This visa is valid for three years with one possible three-year extension.

E Visa for Traders and Investors

The E nonimmigrant visa is available to businesspersons of countries that share a trade treaty with the U.S. The E-1 visa is available for those who engage in the trade of goods, services, or technology or work for a company that does. Similarly, the E-2 visa is available for investors to move to the U.S. for the purpose of investing in and overseeing a business they own. Both E visas can be granted for up to two years with indefinite extensions.

L Visa for Temporary Workers

The L-1 nonimmigrant visa allows a worker to transfer from a company in their native country to its U.S. affiliate, subsidiary, or parent company. There are two types of L-1 visas. The L-1A visa is for those in managerial and executive positions and is valid for up to seven years while the L-1B visa is for employees with specialized knowledge and is valid for up to five years.

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