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Kaur Law PC vigorously represents clients seeking immigration and business legal services. Kaur Law actively promotes justice and advocates for practical and fair immigration law. We focus on assisting immigrants and offering personalized legal services to our clients.

We take the time to understand our clients and their families; you are more than just a case number to us.

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At Kaur Law P.C., we offer a wide array of immigration services designed to address the diverse needs of our clients. Our experienced team of immigration lawyers is committed to providing expert guidance and personalized solutions. 

We understand that each immigration case is unique. Our commitment to personalized service ensures that you receive tailored solutions, whether you are seeking protection through asylum, expanding your business endeavors, defending against deportation, or pursuing family reunification.

Explore our comprehensive immigration services, and let us guide you on the path to achieving your immigration goals.


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Meet Ruby Kaur:
Founder & Managing Partner

Ruby Kaur, founder and managing partner at Kaur Law PC, has served as a Vice Chair for Immigration and Nationality Law Committee, American Bar Association – Young Lawyer Division. Since 2016, Ruby Kaur has been a skilled, hardworking, passionate, and dedicated professional in Immigration and Business Law. 

She volunteers with the Michigan Indian Community and serves on the law committee of Sikh Coalition. She has been featured in national publications because of her dedication to the rights of immigrants and detainees.

Our Services

We have physical law offices in Novi, Michigan near the border to Canada and in Fremont, California, but as a legal team with a passion for immigration law, we represent people from around the world. We are federally licensed, and our attorneys travel throughout the United States and around the world to help families with a variety of immigration issues.

People who are in fear of persecution or harm because of their race, political views, religion, nationality, or membership in a particular social group who would otherwise face deportation and removal may be eligible for asylum in the United States. You must already be physically present in the United States or at a port of entry to seek asylum.

One of the most important resources available to an asylum seeker is a skilled immigration attorney. The job of an asylum lawyer is to provide legal guidance, gather evidence to support the asylum application, build a strong asylum case, represent the asylum seeker through the process, prepare the asylee for direct and cross-examination in court, and advocate for the asylum seekers’ rights along the way. The denial rate for asylum applicants without an attorney is around 90 percent. Kaur Law has a greater than 95 percent success rate for asylum cases. The benefit of legal representation during the asylum process cannot be overstated.

If an immigration judge does not believe that the applicant for asylum still has a reasonable fear of returning to their country of origin, asylum could be denied. If the person’s country of origin has experienced a change of regime, new legislation or something similar, the original justification for asylum could fall apart. If needed, we will figure out what alternative forms of immigration relief might be available. At Kaur Law PC, we are creative thinkers, and we will factor in unexpected scenarios when planning your asylum case.

After helping you become an asylee, it is only a one-year wait before we may be able to help you apply for permanent resident status.

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The Department of Homeland Security most commonly focuses its efforts on criminals and public safety, but still, hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals living in the United States are deported every year, sometimes on improper grounds. Many times, even if DHS has grounds for deportation, a skilled immigration lawyer can find a defense to challenge an immigrant’s deportation.

Kaur Law PC fights for the best interests of our clients. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, or special visas. If there is a legal way to stop your deportation, our team will find it.

While Cancellation of Removal cases involve very high standards, if a defense exists, we will find it. Cancellation of Removal is allowed for victims of certain crimes, asylum seekers, and some other situations. We have litigation experience and will fight aggressively for you, but we can also walk you through the benefits of voluntary Departure should it come to that, and then help you make a new plan for eventually returning to the United States.

We can help with removal proceedings, criminal convictions, federal appeals, ICE supervision, ICE detainments, deferred actions and more. If you are concerned about a possible deportation or currently facing deportation, we want to help.

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Keeping your family together is so important. The immigration laws in the United States are complicated, but family-based immigration is one of the areas we at Kaur Law PC are most passionate about. We fight relentlessly to keep families together and reunite families as quickly as possible.

Family-based immigrant petitions are petitions filed by a lawful permanent resident or a U.S. citizen on behalf of a family member. We can help you and your family figure out a plan, prepare your forms, gather documents, and realize your immigration dreams.

Even if you’ve been told you have no family-based immigration options, if there is a legal way for you to be with your family in the United States, we will find it. We are experienced in all immigration options for families including naturalization, green cards, non-immigrant visas, fiancé visas, and adjustment of status for immediate family members and family preference categories. We pride ourselves on creative immigration solutions for keeping families together in the United States.

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Whether you are an employer seeking a labor certification so that you can employ foreign workers or an individual seeking certain employment-based visas, you will need an attorney experienced in employment-based immigration.

Some employment-based visas allow foreign nationals to live and work in the United States permanently. We represent individuals with renown academic or work achievements seeking EB-1 work visas; professionals with advances degrees and extraordinary abilities in the arts, sciences or business seeking EB-2 work visas; workers and professionals seeking EB-3 work visas; and religious, government or other workers seeking EB-4 work visas.

Since employment-based immigration usually requires an employer sponsor, we also represent employers. We can help employers file petitions to sponsor permanent workers and represent employers through the process.  

Our business clients usually appreciate that we specialize in immigration law. They like that we can help them file non-immigrant work visa petitions so that they can hire temporary workers. Plus, they are often relieved to learn that we can help them obtain labor certifications from the U.S. Department of Labor, maintain I-9 compliance, or straighten out unresolved employment-based legal issues.

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Visas fall into one of two categories, either Non-Immigrants Visas or immigrant visas. Non-immigrant visas include visitor visas, temporary work visas, student visas, and many others. Immigrant visas allow foreign nationals to live and work in the United States permanently. Immigrant visas are usually employer-sponsored or family-sponsored, but there are some other immigrant visas too. Visas are a necessary tool that tells a consular officer that you are eligible for entry for a specific purpose.

While certain international travelers may be eligible to enter the country without one if they meet certain requirements of visa-free travel, many people need a U.S. visa to travel to a port of entry, border crossing, or U.S. airport. The Visa Waiver Program allows most people from certain participating countries to visit the United States for short vacations and short business trips without obtaining a visa, provided they have prior authorization through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. For other types of visits to the United States, visas are a requirement.

Applying for visas, getting visa extensions, and transferring visas are all complicated processes, but our legal team can help you through it every step of the way.

Kaur Law PC represents all sizes of businesses from entrepreneurs to corporate entities. We excel at business law in most industries. The role of a business lawyer is to inform business owners and corporate officers of their legal duties and responsibilities, prepare documents, and protect their clients’ best interests.

Whether you need a business document drafted or a litigation attorney to represent you, Kaur Law PC is available to serve your business legal needs. We are skilled in all areas of business law including contracts, business sales and formations, copyright law, licensing, franchising, mergers and acquisitions, and employment law. Plus, many of our business clients find our experience in immigration law to be an invaluable resource to their company.

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We have physical law offices in Novi, Michigan near the border to Canada and in Fremont, California, but as a legal team with a passion for immigration law, we represent people from around the world. We are federally licensed, and our attorneys travel throughout the United States and around the world to help families with a variety of immigration issues.

Happy Clients

Helping Clients Since 2016

“I highly recommend working with Ruby and her team. Kaur Law helped us successfully navigate and apply for spousal permanent residency for my husband. Ruby and her team were very communicative during the entire process and comprehensively addressed all of our questions and concerns.
Ruby’s team also promptly responded to request for evidence from USCIS. Ruby thoroughly prepared us for the interview with USCIS. We felt like we were in good hands every step of the way. We will definitely work with Kaur Law again for immigration related cases.”

Amanda Erwin

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